10 Best Portable Steam Sauna (Plus Steam vs Infrared Sauna)

Best Portable Steam Sauna: Saunas are a common sight in many places. You might have already had a relaxing session or a couple more sessions. On the contrary, people go through the gyms or spa for such relaxation but with the busy scheduled life we happen to have, it is difficult to hit the gym or spa. Also, they are quite expensive and most of the time, affording them burn a hole in your pocket. This leaves us with the sauna practice, which has modernised up to a lot of extents. You can now easily bring the sauna experience home and enjoy the benefits it brings.

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Steam Sauna vs Infrared Sauna

You are likely to come across this debate more than often as it has been around forever. You need to weigh in all the benefits both the kind of sauna has and then eventually make a decision on which one would suit you the best. If you wonder how different a steam sauna is from an infrared sauna, the infrared sauna is basically a wooden room that uses infrared rays to heat the body of the user by penetrating it into the body. On the contrary, steam sauna heats the body by indulging steam into a compact room or place, basically, an airtight room made up of non-porous material.

Benefits of Steam Sauna

In an infrared sauna, rays of heat are emitted out and then this, in turn, creates a relaxing environment. It is known to have a lot of health benefits among which helps in the circulation of blood flow and getting rid of any kind of pain or cramps. The other few benefits which are the result of low humidity level are actually discussed below.

i. Concentrated Detoxification

You are deemed to get rid of your body’s impurities as infrared sauna heats your body in a greater proportion as that of a steam sauna. This is because the infrared rays travel deep into your body, resulting in the increased blood flow, breaking up the water molecules that help in getting rid of all the impurities of the body. Increased metabolic process is also the benefits you will experience.

ii. Weight Loss & Decrease in Cellulite

People who use this sauna can actually lose weight if they use it moderately. You will be able to notice you lost an amount of weight. The weight loss is a result of the body getting heated up to an extent it can get rid of all the toxins you have left in your body. The loss of toxins’ future leads to increased perspiration, along with a rise in metabolic rate and hence you will be able to lose around 300+ calories every hour.

iii. Comfortable Use

Temperatures are not a part of infrared sauna for it works with infrared rays. Therefore the room is generally low in temperature as compared to a steam sauna and so you will be at much easier and so will it be on your body. There are people who have breathing, lungs and eye issues and for them, the infrared sauna is recommended. This is because they make breathing easy while giving you all the benefits of a sauna session.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna

It is basically steam that is used in the process of the steam sauna which in turn makes the room or your surrounding environment heat along with a high level of humidity. This is always beneficial for a number of health benefits which are discussed below in brief. Such high moisturized rooms are high in benefit criteria that aren’t provided in infrared saunas.

i. Respiratory Relief

For this sauna to work on steam, you will majorly get the benefits of nasal relief. People who experience respiratory-related issues such as allergies, sinusitis and cold can avail for the benefits of steam sans because this works in a way where the steam opens up the nasal and respiratory tract, facilitating clear breath.

ii. Hydration of Skin

Issues relations to blemish-prone skin can be gotten rid of. Such kind of skin is pretty much in need of a moisture-rich air which is granted in a steam sauna room. It actually works because it lets the skin balance out the amount of oil produced which is the main reason for blemish. Also, if you are prone to dry skin, naturally dry skin, you will stay a lot more hydrated if you use the sauna at regular intervals, almost every day.

iii. Better Sleep

It is basically how the process of a steam sauna is and how it works. So steams basically heats your body up, while you are away in your steam sauna room.  But when you step down from your sauna room is when the natural process begins. Your body will try to adapt to the temperatures and the process where your body starts cooling itself down begins. This is where you get good sleep because basically in the sauna session you will experience relaxation and when you come out and your body tries to adapt to the changes in temperature by making constant efforts, the lower temperature level of your body comes with good sleep.

How To Choose A Portable Steam Sauna?

The portable saunas you are considering here almost look the same and the basic distinction noticeable for your eyes is the variation of color and patterns. But this is not the phenomenon you need to look after, and because you are surely going to need a lot of information to choose the best among the below-mentioned personal saunas, we also put together a buying guide for you to make your decisions based on it.

i. Types

For the first thing, you need to find your kind of sauna. That is, we gave you the basic distinction between both the infrared and the steam sauna. Weighing in all the benefits and every aspect relating to it, you need to select the kind of sauna you would want.

So, you need to choose from either a portable infrared sauna which goes by the way if being absorbed by your body, probably heating up the core. Or, if you want a portable steam sauna where the wet experience from the hot steam leads onto heating your body.

If you compare them both, we wish to let you know that both do the same benefits to your body, by making you sweat and offering you all the big bang benefits of the sauna. On the contrary, the price being a factor of decision, a steam unit would cost you a lot lesser than an infrared unit, which is actually a lot more energy-efficient.

If you want a rather aromatic experience, you must go for a home steam sauna as you will be provided with a facility of adding herbs, flowers and essential oils. And a portable sauna is where you will be required to be seated while your body absorbs all the benefits, and in a sauna room, you will have to lay down wrapping around a heated blanket.

ii. Heating Elements

The heating element is basically the strong tie of the sauna experience.  This is what you need to watch out for. The way sauna produces heat which is absorbed by your body and regulates the sweating process. The portable infrared one heat your body by using the far-infrared light which heats your core of the body directly when your body successfully absorbs the heat.

Well, most of the portable infrared heating saunas have tents facilitated with carbon fiber heating panels which have to be put together in order for the sauna to work. They won’t work individually or separately. Blankets used in the process of infrared heating have individual heating areas that can be controlled individually and separately. You can choose to provide heat to a particular part the most as compared to other parts. Like, you can set different temperatures for the lower and upper body heat.

On the other hand, steam sauna features a generator that emits out steam and heats the atmosphere using the heated steam. The steam released spreads all over the sauna room or tent, distributing the heat evenly through the room and the body causing sweating.

iii. Maximum Temperature

For the next step, you need to go through the highest temperature the sauna can win. You need to know the control over the temperature you can get. If you are considering a portable sauna, you need to know that you can reach the highest temperature of 150 to 185 degrees (65 to 85 degrees Celsius). On the other hand, a portable infrared sauna can reach a maximum temperature of 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (49 to 60 Celsius).

The temperature actually feels different when you are inside the sauna for an infrared sauna. It is generally because of the infrared heat your body in a way, without heating the surroundings. Without the heat, the still facilitate sweating at lower temperatures.

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A higher temperature must be your idea if your body tolerates a higher degree of heat in order to start with the sweating process. Such a feature is to be referred to so that you will be able to change the temperature as per your wish. The high temperature when required to increase the sweating and low temperature for the slow and relaxing process.

iv. Right Size

The majority of the portable radiant saunas are for one person. You need to check if it will be able to accommodate you inside it. This is a necessity because you need to make sure you are comfortable enough inside the tent and it wouldn’t cause any kind of suffocation while you use it. Also, when you are done using it, it must be easy to fold and stored which can be easily moved and also stored in any kind of place, including the compact ones.

v. Additional Features

If you consider buying a portable sauna, you will be provided space from it for your head and hands, so that you will be able to watch TV or read or any other similar thing. This is to let you enjoy your session, rather than sitting idle getting bored to core. On the other end, you may even close up the areas, like zipping up and then choose to entirely be in the tent for the bath. There is also a facility usually available, as a pouch for you to store small items like a phone or a sauna controller.

Additional features may be a footrest that facilitates direct heat to your foot, a controller that can be held by hand and has the features of turning the temperature or switching the sauna off and on or even controlling the timer, you will also get a foldable chair. You may also search for safety features such as automatic shut off if the water runs off.

You need to look at the features for the sauna you are considering so you will be able to avail of the benefits.

Top 10 Portable Infrared Sauna For Health & Detox

#1. Durherm Portable Steam Sauna

The best choice for your portable indoor steam sauna would be this Durherm portable personal folding home steam sauna. Being easy to fold product, you can literally store it anywhere and also enjoy all the benefits it has in store for you. With a good price structure, design and benefits, you would love this product.

Portable Steam Sauna with heater


This product weighs only 11 pounds and hence it is quite easy to fold. The price of the product is assigned to be under the budget and hence you will be able to avail all the benefits of a perfect sauna with a lesser price margin. You will find all the necessities along with the sauna, except a seater or probably a chair. The bathtub is spacious, which also has an area for your arms and head.

So you will not be stuck in a place idle as you can easily multitask. It gets heat pretty soon and so it is the best thing about the Durherm infrared sauna. This makes it possible for you to take small yet effect sauna session, and you will feel better with a moisturized skin pretty much every time. Add oil, flowers, herbs, to better aromatic experience.


  • Gets hot sooner
  • Economically priced
  • It is lightweight and so can be easily carried away
  • The design is quite comfortable for you to fit in
  • The product is watertight and so there is no chance it would leak


  • It may get a lot more hot for people with sensitive skin
  • It is a bit bulky

#2. AW Portable Therapeutic Steam Sauna

Here is another affordable choice for you. It is customizable and that is what you would love about it. You can set desired temperatures, timers, and stuff. A portable product that is easy to set up and use would be of interest.

Portable Steam Sauna with chair and heater


Being a customizable sauna, you will be provided with nine temperature levels and six timers setting which can be switched between for a better sauna experience. The sauna has a cotton cover and a waterproof layer that keeps the hot steam trapped inside the sauna. The benefits of the sauna are detoxing, relaxation, getting rid of fatigue and also help in getting rid of weight. For an aromatic experience, add oils, herbs, and flowers. It is easy to fold, pack and store after you are done with it. Additional accessories are a chair, foot massager and remote control.


  • Customizable as you can select from nine temperatures and six timers
  • Sauna with heating foot
  • Is easy to fold and store
  • Highly affordable


  • Material which makes up the sauna is a little cheap
  • The size of the chair is slightly small.

#3. Zeny Portable Steam Sauna

A product with ample of features and benefits, along with a stylish yet appealing design. A cheap product with all the benefits of the sauna is what this product can be summed up to be. Change the sauna temperatures as per your desire and enjoy a relaxing time.

Portable Steam Sauna with a heater


You will be surprised to see how well the product works, given the cheap prices it comes at. It has an inclusion of a lot of features, accessories and portable design. This sauna uses an energy-efficient generator to power itself. With the fact of the generator being energy efficient, the sauna does make you sweat as much as any other steam sauna.

You can set a timer or change temperatures and the same is given on the generator. It also includes a remote control to help you operate it seamlessly. The additional accessories which come along with the product are holes for your head/hands, optional headcover, foldable chair, a wooden foot massager, and a remote for the steam generator.


  • Comes along with wireless control
  • Has a lot of included features
  • Cheaper in prices
  • Waterproof


  • The chair included is smaller in size
  • Instructions not clear

#4. AW 2L Portable Steam Sauna

The perfect companion for your traveling would be, as you can easily fold it up and take it along with you to every place you move. It is easy to use and also assemble and hence, would definitely serve you good in all terms.

AW 2L Portable Steam Sauna


If you are a person who travels a lot or has had an obsession with carrying your sauna with you, this product would be of interest. This is because it is very easy to fold and unfold giving you all the benefits equally. The tent has a waterproof cotton cover and hence, there is no escape for steam. You will be able to fit in to perfect as it is spacious.

You can easily maintain the sauna as it is easy to clean with an ample of health benefits. With nine different sauna temperature levels, you can easily get your comfort level. Comes along a carry bag, to increase your sauna’s portability.


  • The tent is easy to fold and store
  • Easy to put back on
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • And it’s easy to adjust with the temperature levels


  • Steam may hurt if it blows directly onto you
  • May face issues with delivery
  • No chair included

#5. SteamFlex Portable Steam Sauna

Here is a different sauna experience, as it lets you sleep and enjoy the experience rather than sitting on a chair. With an efficient steam generator, you will be able to get the best of benefits from a sauna session if to choose to purchase this product.

sleeping inside Portable Steam Sauna


This sauna is rolled out in a different design that needs you to lie down in order to enjoy the sauna experience. The process of working for this sauna is basically it gives you a massage before and also at the end of a session.

It comes along with a steam generator which provides a good amount of steam for you to enjoy the session in an efficient way. It comes along with a remote control which lets you adjust the temperature accordingly. The frame is durable, lightweight, easy to store, and hence it is a complete product for you.


  • It is lightweight
  • You can experience a nice sauna by laying down and not seated
  • You can enjoy a massage before and after bathing
  • It comes along with a steam generator


  • You need to buy an extra massage table as it is not included in the sauna
  • Noise production may be a factor

#6. WYZworks Portable Therapeutic Steam Personal Spa Sauna

You have another option for you to choose from if you want a good and quality portable steam sauna. Also, you will be able to select from vibrant colors for this model and the best part is, it comes along with a headcover for the facial sauna.

Portable Steam Sauna with heater and chair


Relaxing at home and availing the benefits of a sauna is perfect and so is this product you will find this sauna in a number of vibrant shades that can be selected from. It comes with a two zipper design where you can use the sauna while doing other stuff, multitasking is easy.

Also, here is an added benefit, as it comes with a face mask, which lets you have a facial. It comes with a folding chair and a post that can hold 2L of water. You will find an herbal box and the sauna has a different temperature setting for you to adjust.


  • Heats up pretty fast
  • The steam would be trapped inside without leak
  • You won’t need a chair to go
  • Easy to fold and unfold


  • It might be a bit expensive compared to other products

#7. Giantex Portable 2L Steam Sauna

A product that is easy to use as it comes with a remote control to help you go through the hassle of flipping the temperature from elsewhere. The features are to the best of your use and you will enjoy the sessions with the added foldable chair.

Portable Steam Sauna with chair and heater


This sauna would actually give you the benefits you wish to have. It has all the amazing features which would let you enjoy a great sauna session. It comes along with a remote control which allows you to change the power settings and also time. The sauna is considered a great lawn set and hence, it can be used literally anywhere. It is light and highly portable, easy to assemble with great looks and a solid case. Follow the instructions about a pipe and you are good to go.


  • It comes along with a folding chair
  • It is highly portable
  • The unit gets heated quicker


  • Instructions are provided in Chinese
  • Instructions are also complicated

#8. Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna by Durasage

This product is actually quite safe for you to use, being highly effective. You can expect to get the most of the benefits while being safe and sound. It is lightweight and using it is absolutely easy, hence a great option for you to choose from.

Portable Steam Sauna with folding chair and heater


This product comes along with a separate steam generator which is actually a way to reduce the issue which might come, such as the risk of burning. The sauna tent gets as hot as 113 degrees Fahrenheit. The maximum time limit is of 60 minutes.

The generator actually needs to be placed outside of the sauna which is also quite a safer option as you have no option of getting into danger, like the tent catching fire. Get yourself a seat, towel, plain water and you have everything to get you started.


  • Easy to use and understand
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Gets heat soon enough
  • A simple model with ample benefits


  • The steam pipe is in such a place where it leads to water leakage
  • Zippers are not good in quality

#9. DSS-404 Lightweight Portable Steam Sauna Spa

If you are in search of a reasonable space-saving portable designed sauna, your hunt might end here with this product. It is compatible so it can be pulled anywhere and used. With a price so cheap, it is definitely a good pick.

Portable Steam Sauna with heater


This product is damn easy to carry places. You can take it along with you anywhere and use it as per your will, as it is too easy to set up. It has remarkable features such as a portable chair, remote control, and space-saving design which can be used literally anywhere. The sauna is even waterproof and saves up the hassle of cleaning. It has a zipper in the front and two side zippers for your hands. You can also set temperature from options of 1 to 9.


  • Comes along with a lot of accessories
  • Has 9 temperature levels and timer of 10 minutes as well
  • Made with high-quality material
  • Has space-saving design


  • The chair might not be that comfortable
  • The vaporizer is crafted in bad design

#10. Fit For Good Portable Therapeutic Steam Sauna

Lastly, a product perfect for your portable steam sauna needs. A sauna tent, which comes along with a powerful steam generator to keep your sauna needs fulfilling. With a temperature setting option, it is a great catch for you.

Portable Steam Sauna with heater


This product is crafted with a space that is meant to provide you with a great space. The dimensions of the sauna tent are 29-inches wide with a 27.5-inch depth and stand 38-inches high. A generator comes along with the product which is of 800 watts and the pan has a holding capacity of 1.8 litres of water.

A safety option is provided with the product, and so it would automatically shut down it the water in the pan gets low.  You can select the desired temperature level from 10 level settings. The tent has a zipper in the middle and also two zippers on the side to facilitate arm resting.


  • It is easy to fold and also assemble
  • It is highly portable
  • Has an auto shut off option
  • It is quite easy to use


  • It requires time to heat up

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Final Words – Best Portable Steam Sauna

While going for a sauna session every day may not be a possibility, with all the above-mentioned home portable steam sauna, you may enjoy the benefits of a sauna session every day, in the comfort of your home. We got the best list of products for you and no matter which product you choose you are going to get the best benefits.

End your day on a good note, with a relaxation routine that would soothe you after a hectic day. With the benefits and the relaxation, comes the portability option, where you can easily store the sauna without the need for extra storage space. So, altogether you have a pretty good deal if you buy one of the above products.

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