10 Best Portable Infrared Sauna (For Detox & Better Health)

Best Portable Infrared Sauna: Lately having heard about the many benefits of sauna bathing who wouldn’t love having it at home. A good sauna bathing experience rejuvenates our body mind and soul. As we know that an increase in stress level affect the overall health condition indeed sauna bathing helps us to relax.

There is no way we can escape from our day to day hurdles in our life, however, sauna helps us to overcome the stress and additionally sauna bathing reduces the risk of some diseases like cardiovascular, Cardiac death and also reduces the risk of pneumonia and Alzheimer’s disease. Know the benefits of sauna bathing and with no time to go to the spa, these portable infrared sauna has become very popular. You can use sauna right after workout as well. Now having a sauna at home is easier and affordable as well with the wide range of portable infrared saunas.

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Infrared Sauna vs. Regular Steam Sauna

It is a never-ending topic to decide which one is best if it is infrared or a regular portable steam sauna. Needless to put, each one has its pros and cons. To help you decide which one is best you should compare the benefits of infrared saunas and steam room. Let us discuss in detail the mechanics and individual benefits of both.

i. Type of Heater

Heating elements come in top consideration while choosing a sauna. An infrared sauna uses heating elements like infrared heaters, which emit radiant heat, absorbed by skin whereas a regular steam sauna uses elements like convection heaters, these heaters make an air present in the sauna cabin to become hot, and this hot air is absorbed by the skin. Additionally Infrared sauna used dry heat and steam sauna uses moist heat.

Infrared sauna uses electromagnetic field whereas radiation is used for heating of steam sauna.

ii. Temperature Capacity

The temperature comes next and it is one important factor for a sauna. If the temperature doesn’t work as per the expectation the complete sauna experience goes into vain. The temperature of infrared sauna ranges from 110-130 degrees Fahrenheit and the temperature of regular steam sauna is 160-200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The infrared sauna uses the wood-based room and steam sauna uses airtight room made up of non-porous material like glass.

If you choose that the rays should penetrate deep into the body then choose infrared sauna because, in the infrared sauna, the rays penetrate deep into the body.

Even though the temperature is low, it is more efficient than a steam sauna.

Using personal steam sauna tends to be dangerous for people with lung diseases, however, infrared sauna is good to use and no side effects noticed.

Due to its usage of moist heat in steam sauna, we get instant relief from various respiratory disorders and allergies, because the usage of moist heat leads to the opening of nasal passages and also oil-free clearer skin.

iii. Installation Process

Installation of an infrared sauna is easier compared to steam sauna. It just requires following the instructions manual. Adding to it, it is easier to dismantle when not in use and save space.

iv. Power Consumption

Sauna is something we tend to use regularly or often so we need to keep a check on the power consumption and the amount of power required to operate each unit. Traditional steam saunas require more power to run, up to 6 kW of power in comparison to the typical 1.6 kW needed for the infrared sauna. This means that the traditional sauna consumes almost three times power compared to an infrared sauna.

Few buyers also shop for sauna considering weight loss as their top checklist option to purchase. If so using infrared sauna technology one can experience weight loss. The weight loss is due to the efficient heating procedure of the sauna which removes toxins, and a rise in metabolic rates, which can help one to burn an extra 300+ calories an hour. Whereas users of steam sauna for weight loss is not much effective

Sauna therapy aids in better sleep. Using either of the sauna’s would help you to get rid of insomnia and aids in better sleep.

Additionally drinking alcohol just before, after or while using sauna is dangerous, either infrared nor steam both and pregnant women should avoid using sauna. Additionally one needs to check for the safety measure too before using sauna.

Every individual’s choices, consideration, and wants are different. So now you get to know all about infrared and regular steam sauna it’s time to decide which sauna is apt for your needs.

How to Choose a Portable Infrared Sauna?

It is a never-ending topic to decide which one is best if it is infrared or a regular portable steam sauna. Needless to put, each one has its pros and cons. To help you decide which one is best you should compare the benefits of infrared saunas and steam room. Let us discuss in detail the mechanics and individual benefits of both.

i. Types of Portable Infrared Sauna

While choosing a portable sauna type also need to be taken into consideration and then shop as per your choice. There are mainly two types of infrared portable sauna:

  1. Far infrared sauna
  2. Near-infrared sauna
    • Far Infrared Sauna:

These saunas use heating elements which emit far-infrared rays. This sauna does not offer light therapy as a near-infrared sauna. This sauna emits large amounts of EMFs where some of the manufacturers are trying to control it.

    • Near-Infrared Sauna:

These saunas are used for both heat therapy and light therapy. These saunas emit very less amount of EMFs. In this sauna, the light can penetrate deep into the body nearly about 9 inches.

ii. Price

The next top consideration is the price of the sauna. Before buying an inexpensive sauna we need to consider the following factors. In inexpensive saunas, the manufactures use very cheap wiring which is not properly shielded for EMF. This may lead to a high amount of EMF and release of excess amount of heat. And some cheap saunas also have junction blockages, circuit board relays, etc.

We have to check whether there is proper wiring is there are not. The heating panel should consist of a thermostat and an electrical sensor which reduces the malfunctioning of power. Buying an expensive sauna also doesn’t help, you just need to choose the right product with the right features. Don’t miss checking product reviews before buying.

iii. Consider the Features

Saunas are available in the market and with its wide popularity and demand, the manufacturers are also delivering the best products with the best features in it. However, you need to carefully choose the features and make sure that all the required exist in the product.

While buying a sauna we should take the following features into consideration oxygen ionizer, tempered glass door, hidden interlock system, Backrests, door hinges, etc as each feature is equally important in the long run while using the product.

    • Oxygen ionizer: ionizer neutralizes bacteria, viruses and keeps the sauna neat and clean for many years.
    • Tempered glass door: This glass door makes a sauna to look more luxurious and beautiful.
    • Door hinges: These hinges help holding the door.
    • Hidden interlock system: This system ensures that all walls are safely locked are not.

iv. Heat & Temperature Controls

Heat and temperature controls are very important for a sauna hence they need to function properly. In saunas, control panels are also known as touch panels. In a sauna control panel screen should display all the temperature and timer settings, of the sauna. The temperature may be Celsius or Fahrenheit.

v. Seated or Lie Down Sauna

Don’t overlook this feature as there is a huge difference with the comfort zone between a Seated vs. Lie down sauna.

    • Lie Down Sauna

In Lie down infrared sauna the temperature ranges from 70-80 degrees centigrade. Due to this temperature blood circulation inside the body increases. In this sauna, far infrared energy is distributed throughout the sauna due to this reason the whole body gets benefited. Because of its high width, you can lie more comfortably in the sauna. And this sauna does not absorb any kind of odor. And there is no need to preheat the sauna before use.

    • Seated Down Sauna

Whereas seated sauna is very easy to assemble and disassemble. The seated sauna can be placed anywhere because it occupies very little space and it can be carried very easily. While sitting in this sauna we can do our works as an operating laptop, we can watch television because in this sauna our hands and head parts are not covered.

Spending so much and quite often we tend to use sauna and needless to put we need so much time and money then why compromise on comfort. Before buying an infrared sauna we should see our comfort whether these saunas are comfortable for use. Because these saunas have ceramic heat emitters that emit a high amount of surface temperature. We cannot sit directly in front of these ceramic rods comfortably. That’s why saunas have an accessory called a backrest on which we can lean comfortably. But some saunas do not have proper backrests so before buying a sauna we should check whether the backrest is in perfect condition are not.

vi. Safety Assurance

Safety comes first irrespective of high-end features, super comfortable to use if a sauna is not safer to use now then without a second thought swap you buying decision with the other best sauna which is safer to use because nowadays electromagnetic force is the most discussed topic in the society. Exposure to high EMF can cause cancers and many health diseases. Some sauna releases a high amount of EMF. So based on this reason we should buy a sauna which emits less amount of EMF. Additionally, we should also check for safety assurance and certifications given by Europe, Canada, and the United States that our sauna is tested and it is safe for us to use it are not.

vii. Sauna Heater

Don’t miss to check out the Heat regulation generally, saunas contain very high temperature which creates a very unpleasant environment in the sauna. This may also create difficulty in breathing. Hence before buying a sauna we should check on it and make sure that there is proper heat regulation.

viii. Lightings

In saunas, lighting therapy is also known as chromo-therapy. By using this therapy humans can get many benefits like pain relief, reduced swelling, etc. Infrared saunas consist of different colors of light which treat different diseases, for example, blue light in an infrared sauna can relax and calm our mind. Hence while buying a sauna we should check whether there are perfect lighting conditions are not.

Buying a portable sauna is in your mind and you are confused about the right product, pros, and cons. For those who are planning to buy the best portable infrared Sauna this list is for you. Go through the list – Stop by and shop when you come across a product as per your choice and requirement.


Top 10 Portable Infrared Sauna For Health & Detox

#1. Durherm Infrared Sauna

This is a far-infrared portable sauna with good distinguished features. Even though it is larger we can place this sauna anywhere in our home or work station because it is very easy to fold and unfold it hence when not in use it can be folded. It is a seated type sauna where your head and hands are present outside the sauna so that you can simultaneously watch your favorite TV Series, use a laptop or mobile or read your favorite book or very comfortably sit and relax. But before using this product it is highly recommended to read the directions, labels, and user manuals.

portable infrared sauna


This sauna has 3 heaters which are very conductive and made up of ultra-thin carbon fiber elements. Temperature ranges from 104 -140-degree Fahrenheit which can be incremented up to 9 degrees and the time settings range from 5- 60 min which we can reduce up to 5 minutes. This sauna is made up of very qualitative materials so that we can use it for many years without taking any worry.

Coming to its specifications it is a very low EMF emitting sauna. And it has a heated foot pad which is integrated into the sauna and operated by remote control. This portable sauna has dimensions of 31.5×33×41 inches. The weight of this sauna is around 25lbs. And the power is around 110-120V60HZ. And this product comes with a wired handheld controller.

Seating is something very important when it comes to a Sauna and it comes with a very comfortable sports chair which is perfect to sit inside a sauna with a Foam pad, and a terry cloth neck.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Occupies very less space
  • Very low EMF
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sauna with chair


  • There is no ionizer
  • Few users of this product feel that the quality of zippers is poor
  • It is slightly expensive

#2. SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa

This is a personal sauna which so much more comfortable to use and to experience the spa at home. If you wish to have a portable sauna that is very comfortable to use with the best output then I highly recommend this sauna. This is a seated type infrared portable sauna that occupies very little space.

infrared sauna


Nowadays everyone wants to go to a spa or some smoothing therapy but hardly gets time to do so, those can consider buying this sauna without any second thought. After a hectic day of work, when you decide to have some ME pampering time you can sit and relax in this sauna by doing your favorite activities like listening to music, reading, etc. Say goodbye to a spa session at beauty parlors with this amazing portable sauna at home!

This sauna works under the temperature of 140-degree Fahrenheit and it has an auto timer and heat settings included in it. It has time settings for up to 60 min. This sauna consists of a heating element which can give a power output of 1050 watts. This is a very affordable cost sauna that comes with a folding chair that is used for seating purpose and hands accessible zippers and this sauna also includes heating footpad which is used for our health care and it also reduces our stress and work pressure. And this sauna has dimensions of 27.6L×31.5W×37.8H with a weight of 19.8 pounds.


  • Very affordable in price
  • Heat levels may be controlled and adjusted easily as per your requirement
  • Foot mat and chair are included with this sauna
  • It can be carried easily from one place to another place


  • Zippers quality is not up to the expectations
  • Compared with other saunas it is smaller
  • This particular sauna takes more time to get heated and might have an effect on utility bills

#3. Radiant Harmony Deluxe Oversized Portable Sauna

This sauna is one of my personal favorites and if you are planning to buy a sauna with an affordable cost can go for this awesome sauna. It is a seating type infrared sauna with a flexible chair included in it. This is such a lovely brown colored sauna with many advanced features. This sauna adds value to your home as an added attraction. This sauna is very lightweight and easy to carry and occupies very little space. We can simultaneously read a magazine or binge-watch which using this sauna.

Best portable infrared sauna


It emits a very low amount of EMF and it has three carbon heaters which reduce the amount of EMF along with an EMF reader which reads and detects the amount of radiation. Hence users are not required to worry about the EMF. It also consists of five heat-regulating settings so that you can regulate and adjust the temperature as per your convenience. And the maximum temperature in this sauna is 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

This sauna consists of an ionizer which filters all the negative ions and keeps the sauna clean.

The sauna consists of a flexible and foldable chair that can carry individuals of different sizes. The chair can afford an individual up to 180 pounds and this sauna consists of a cabin with dimensions of 28W×33.5d×38.1H.

Setup is very easy and simple it just takes one minute to get heated. Once after the setup, the sauna gets heated very fast and the carbon panels present in the sauna are very powerful and efficient because of this you can get results very instantly and your body began to detoxify.


  • The price is very reasonable
  • It has settings to adjust heat and time accordingly
  • It comes with an ionizer which is very important for a Sauna
  • Flexible seating


  • The chair cannot carry individuals more than 180 pounds
  • Few users experience a slight radiation effect
  • Reasonable price

#4. Ridgeyard Portable Infrared Sauna

When compared to other saunas this is one of the best affordable saunas in the market. This sauna is a sitting typed far infrared sauna which occupies very little space. Using this sauna has a greater positive impact on the overall health and the range of health benefits that may include circulation, joint pains, improving our metabolism and cardiovascular conditions and calming our mind.

infrared sauna


This sauna has 6 temperature setting panels which help us to regulate our temperature. And the temperature setting of this sauna lies from 25 degrees to 75-degree centigrade. The unit comes with a flexible chair that can hold an individual with different sizes and shapes effectively.

Sauna cabin dimensions are very much comfortable it is of 30×3.5×26.8 inches when it is folded and when it is unfolded it has dimensions of 39.3×26.7×32.2 inches and gets heated in just 5 minutes with a 3 Hitech ultra-thin fiber heating element. Additionally, this product comes with a warranty of 3 years.


  • It is very lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy to set up
  • It has 3 years warranty
  • EMC certification is available
  • Easy and convenient operating system with remote control


  • The output of EMF is very low
  • This unit is preferable using only for adults of 18+ years
  • Tedious cleaning process of the outer material

#5. Durasage Infrared Portable Indoor Personal Sauna

In no time you will fall in love with the par portable infrared sauna. It occupies very little space and you can fold it and unfold it very easily. This sauna gives you complete relief from any chronic body pains. You would enjoy this sauna better than any other sitting type conventional sauna. This 10 min of sauna therapy is equal to 30 minutes of jogging, which means it has a greater impact on the overall weight loss of the user. Isn’t it great? Yes, this is one of the reasons to consider this sauna in the buying option.

Best portable infrared sauna


This sauna gets heated in on or less within a time of 5 min by reaching a maximum of 150 degrees and it has a heating foot pad which relaxes our feet with a flexible chair and easy to carry chair for any size individual. Additionally, the price of the sauna is quite affordable.

The sauna has a cabin that has dimensions of 27.5×30×38 inches and this sauna has 3 superconductive heaters which are made up of carbon fiber and it weighs around 17.55 pounds.

Needless to put, the users of sauna are very much happy with the product and total sauna experience and are happy about their buying decision.


  • The weight of the product is less hence can be carried anywhere as per your choice
  • Running Time is very long compared to other saunas
  • Very much easy to assemble
  • The peak temperature is very high


  • This sauna emits very high EMF and that is one part users of this product are bothered about
  • The instruction manual was not included in this
  • Few users are not happy about the cabin space

#6. Idealsauna Infrared Portable Indoor Sauna

People who use this sauna always say that this sauna has helped them to reduce their stress levels and changed their complete lifestyle. This sauna comes with a huge number of benefits and the first one is it occupies very little space as space is one of the considerations while you decide to buy a sauna. You can keep this sauna anywhere at home, apartments, at your workplace. Pamper yourself with the amazing sauna while you read your favorite book or play a game. This sauna is highly recommended because of its consistent heat and performance with which the product lasts long.

portable infrared sauna


The sauna has the same features of the other portable infrared saunas yet its performance and quality make this product standalone in the market irrespective of high demand for saunas.

This sauna has a timer that you can set a maximum of up to 30 min but if you want to adjust it you can this is up to your choice and It has a flexible chair that is very comfortable with heating footpad to get better and maximum relaxation.

This sauna has dimensions of 30×27.5×38 inches and the weight of this product is 17.85 pounds. Nonetheless to mention users of the product are happy people.


  • It helps in improving your cardiovascular health
  • This sauna has a greater impact on losing weight and works effectively
  • Light-weighted product
  • Sauna is very wide and comfortable to use even for a taller person can fit in this easily


  • This sauna smells very strong plastic and it is something that the manufacturers need to take care of
  • High radiation effect
  • Strictly not recommended for kids and pregnant women or if you have some internal health issues

#7. Radiant Saunas Rejuvinator Portable Sauna

If you are searching for the best seating type portable infrared sauna for a long time then keep considering this sauna for your home. This is one easy to use, comfortable, portable with easy maintenance sauna. If you are worried about EMF radiation while using sauna this sauna has low EMF carbon heating panels that protect and detoxifies your body. Additionally, it helps you to improve your skin to rejuvenate and glow.

infrared sauna


This sauna consists of sewn-in pockets where you can place and store your personal belongings like mobile, charger, remote, etc. I should say it is such a nice add-on feature to the product. This comfort collar is very soft and smooth which is easily washed. Unlike other infrared sauna this sauna stands different and best due to this Low EMF carbon panels, the sauna is very much safer to use.

It has foot heaters nourish your feet and keep your feet warm and this sauna comes with 6 timer options which can be adjusted according to your choice. Canva seating gives you additional sitting comfort while using the product and the product dimensions include 33.5×28×28.1 inches with the weight of this sauna is 18 pounds. Additionally, this item comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Sauna includes foot heaters which are stress relievers. Those with foot pain would love this
  • Sauna consists of heating panels on both the front and backside yet helps in performing better
  • Sauna has low EMF- carbon panels that are safe for our health
  • It is easy to assemble and it takes less than 5 mins to assemble the product


  • Heating is not stable all the time. At times it fluctuates
  • There is no ionizer. Having Ionizer would be a great addition to this product
  • It takes a little longer to initialize and heat up in the beginning

#8. Durherm Infrared Portable Foldable Sauna

Again this sauna is one of my favorites as it performs best and comes with a very much affordable price. This sauna is made up of very long-lasting materials. So you can use this sauna for long years without any performance issues. Just like other sauna as well even this sauna occupies very little space and it is very easy to assemble. Need to mention, the particular sauna has a great positive effect on weight loss and for glowing and clearer skin.

Best portable infrared sauna


Sauna has a temperature of 150-degree Fahrenheit which you can adjust according to your choice. This is a very light weighted sauna you can carry this anywhere even on your vacations. This sauna has holes to extend your hands and do up your favorite activity.

The sauna has 3 carbon fiber heating elements and this sauna has a timer which you can set a maximum of up to 60 min and this sauna has product dimensions of 30×27×38 inches and the product weighs of this sauna is 18 pounds.

This sauna has a power requirement of 120v-900W and the price of this sauna is very affordable when compared to other saunas. Additionally, the users of this product are very happy about the overall experience of using this sauna.


  • This sauna has a very quick heating time
  • Very much affordable price such that anyone can shop for it
  • Light-weighted product
  • Greater impact on relieving stress


  • The ionizer is not included in the product
  • Very small chair is included with this product and it is uncomfortable for adults to use
  • Poor zipper quality and the zippers tend to stop working within no time

#9. G-Force Large Portable Infrared Sauna

This sauna is personally recommended by many users because of its beautiful design and quality. It is very easy to set up and disassemble this sauna when not in use. This sauna occupies very little space so that we can store it very easily just like any other portable sauna. As we know that bacteria are one of the biggest problems with Sauna and this sauna is made up of multi-layered fabric so that bacteria cannot enter this sauna and this a bacteria-free sauna and this sauna does not allow any odors into it even after using for long term. This sauna does not absorb sweat.

In this sauna, the temperature ranges from 104 F to 140 F and this temperature activates our blood circulation and metabolism. This sauna consists of low EMF carbon fiber heating panels which measure 13×30 inches. Many of the users prefer this sauna based on its height. This sauna is 4-1 in height tall people would love to sit in it and enjoy it. It emits very low EMF levels and this sauna consists of a footpad that measures around 14×12 inches.

portable infrared sauna


The sauna consists of a folded chair that can bare a capacity of 220 lb. It also has zippers that are present on both the inner side and outer side which provide comfort for extending our hands. It consists of a double-lined soft neck collar which adds more comfort. It consists of a handheld controller for auto shut off. This sauna has dimensions of 32×14.4×7 inches and it weighs 26.7 pounds.


  • Low electromagnetic field hence it is safer to use
  • Easy to assemble when they want to use
  • Light-weighted product


  • Lack of ionizer
  • limited information
  • Slightly expensive compared to other products with the same features

#10. Kuppet Portable Infrared Home Sauna

I decided to discuss this sauna in the last needless to mention, this is one of the best saunas in the market. This sauna is made up of polyester cloth which is filled with cotton and it is very light weighted and we can carry this sauna from one place to another place very easily without much effort even on a vacation you can carry this infrared portable sauna. This sauna has such a few amazing features which is far better than any other saunas in the market and it can be used anywhere in hotels, houses and apartments. Additionally while using this sauna you can extend your hands and watch tv, play video games you can do whatever you want. The Amazing design of freeing hands and heads is a great sigh of relief while using the product.

infrared sauna


You can set this sauna temperature maximum up to 140•F and this sauna needs only 5 minutes to reach this temperature.

It also comes with a Flexible chair and heated foot mats to get foot relief and reduces fatigue. You can simply control the sauna temperature, timer, and settings using this remote control. Home spa:

This improves our cyanide resistance and helps us to remove toxins from our body.

This sauna has dimensions of 36.6×27.6×31.5 inches. The weight of this sauna is 19.8 pounds and It has a power source of 120V 60 Hz.

Additionally, it has an amazing effect on weight loss and skin purification.


  • This sauna has very quick uptime
  • It has a heated footpad
  • Fast heat uptime
  • Available in silver and brown color


  • Exact information is not provided in the warranty
  • The chair is very small
  • People with Blood pressure and any health conditions should not use this product

Best Portable Infrared Sauna – Final Thoughts

Each sauna is good in its ways and now having a sauna at home is quite easy. Nonetheless to mention most of the saunas are lightweight, easy to carry, easy to assemble, work to best weight loss, affordable and require very little maintenance.

All the above-listed products are the top 10 best portable infrared sauna. Now that you get to know the features, pros and cons of each product in detail, choose a sauna that is best for you and enjoy the detoxifying sauna therapies at the convenience of your own home.

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