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Everyone loves a good outdoor sauna session but with the large number of choices available out there, buying a sauna is never a simple decision (we understand, we’ve been there). 

We kicked off our research by selecting the 30 best outdoor saunas in the market. Then we spent 80 hours studying about the products and 60 hours was spent evaluating reviews. 

Based on a range of qualities like the space, material, type of heat sources, cost, etc we narrowed down to 10 products. 

The MCP 4-Person Outdoor Sauna came out on top.

Question is – is this the best sauna for you? It really boils down to your needs.

Please read the reviews below to find an outdoor sauna that measures up to your expectations.

But first, here’s a quick comparison of the top outdoor saunas. If you want to read a more detailed review, then jump to the next section by clicking here.

Our Pick – Top 5 Outdoor Sauna Comparison

Outdoor barrel shaped sauna made of canadian red cedar wood
MCP Outdoor Sauna (4 Person)

– Resistant to insects and extreme weather conditions.
– Made of Canadian Cedar Wood which ensures strength.
– Can be placed inside your house.

Rated #1
5 out of 5

Barrel shaped sauna for outdoor made of rustic cedar wood
Almost Heaven Saunas (4 Person)

– Fairly rigid structure; can last harsh weather conditions.
– Barrel design leads to efficient air circulation.
– Premium cedar wood ensures durability and strength.

Rated #2
5 out of 5

Cabin sauna made of natural canadian hemlock wood
Sunray Cayenne Outdoor Sauna (4-Person)

– Equipped with ceramic heaters to stimulate sweating.
– Groove and tongue construction promotes better insulation.
– Backed by long-term warranty.

Rated #3
4.5 out of 5

Barrel sauna made of white pine wood
Aleko Finnish White Pine Sauna (5 Person)

– Benches outside the main structure for relaxing.
– Spacious interiors ideal for family.
– Equipped with maximum capacity heater.

Rated #4
4 out of 5

Shingle roofed home shaped outdoor sauna made of hemlock wood
Decorate With Daria Outdoor Sauna (4 Person)

– Heats up quickly and sweating occurs at low temperature.
– Equipped with extras like sound systems, and color therapy lights.
– Made of premium Hemlock wood ensuring durability.

Rated #5
4 out of 5

Outdoor Sauna Benefits

i. Improved cardiovascular health

There is a growing number of evidence that relates sauna baths to cardiovascular health.

People who take regular saunas sessions are less likely to suffer major heart attacks and minor strokes.

The reason cited for it is the stabilization of the body’s blood pressure while taking a sauna bath. 

ii. Reduce stress

The sweating during sauna improves blood circulation throughout the body, which in turn leads to the relaxation effect. 

It is almost always observed that after a regular sauna session, an uplifting feeling overcomes the body. 

iii. Reduce weight

The difference is quite unnoticeable, but the sauce does contribute to weight loss.

It boosts the metabolism of the body, and therefore, one burns more calories than normal people do.

The high rate of calorie burning is associated with the temperature of the sauna and the duration of the sauna session.

Buying Guide For Best Outdoor Saunas

The following guide will tell you what to consider before making the purchase decision. 

i. Space

The first and foremost consideration should be the space available for the sauna as well as space inside the sauna.

The reason for the former is straightforward: if you have limited space in your backyard and yet you are adamant to fit a large sauna inside it, you are biting off more than you can chew. 

As far as the space inside the sauna is concerned, the number of people using the sauna at a time would be the limiting factor.

It is usually advisable to have a spacious sauna. 

ii. Material

As outdoor saunas are more susceptible to damage than indoor saunas (they are directly subjected to harsh weather conditions), you cannot, in any case, compromise on the construction material. 

Most preferably the sauna should be made up of Canadian Hemlock or Cedarwood.

Aspen may do well for an indoor sauna, but it falls apart as soon as it comes under the influence of extreme weather. 

Hemlock and cedar have almost the same strength: they are both highly resistant to stain and mildew.

But the cedar has an upper hand when it comes to aroma, durability, and insect resistance.

iii. Heat source types

The heat source type is what distinguishes a traditional sauna from an infrared one. 

The traditional saunas create moist heat by pouring water on heated volcanic rocks or a stove.

The temperature of the sauna is raised due to the heat of the rocks and the steam and generally takes 30 or more minutes to heat up. 

stones inside a sauna heater

The infrared sauna on the other hand relies on the carbon and ceramic heaters to heat the body.

Unlike a traditional sauna, they don’t rely on convection to do so. Rather they directly act on the exposed skin to stimulate sweating.

If you are looking for the perfect sauna heater, here’s our pick – Top 10 sauna heaters.

iv. Additional features

If you love bells and whistles with all the products you buy in life, why make an exception for a sauna. 

Outdoor saunas usually come with chromotherapy—using lightning to relax the body.

They are equipped with a sound system so you don’t miss out on your favorite songs while taking a bath. Also, there should be an atomizer to regularly purify the air

In case you prefer a traditional sauna over an infrared one, keep an eye for the buckets and linen (whether they are included in the package or not).

v. Warranty

Premium companies always back their products with a warranty. It is true about the sauna manufacturing companies too.

So, you are right to expect it from the next sauna company you are going to buy an outdoor sauna from. 

For a sauna, a long warranty (a minimum of 5 years) is a sign of quality and it should always be preferred. 

Based on these criteria we choose the following outdoor saunas.

10 Best Outdoor Sauna Reviews

1. MCP Outdoor Sauna (4 Person)

Outdoor barrel shaped sauna made of canadian red cedar wood

MCP 4-person outdoor sauna can even be placed inside your house depending upon the available space.

It can accommodate four people at a time, but if you want to lie down, it can accommodate only two. 

Made out of Canadian cedarwood, it is resistant to insects and extreme weather conditions.

Cedar is one top-of-the-line construction material that is famous for its sweet aroma and durability.

1 3/8″ thick wood ensures strength, while provisions are also made for insulation

The sauna comes with a limited warranty which covers all manufacturing defects if found.

There is also an instructional manual included in the deal, and if you have the right tools, assembling the sauna will be a breeze.


✓ High power electric heater
✓ Aromatic, durable cedarwood
✓ Accommodates up to 4 people


✗ High operation cost
✗ It is a bit expensive

2. Almost Heaven Saunas (4 Person)

Barrel shaped sauna for outdoor made of rustic cedar wood

Almost Heaven Saunas are run-of-the-mill outdoor saunas that can accommodate 4-person at a time.

They have a fairly rigid structure and can last harsh weather conditions

Like multiple other products in our list, this one too features a barrel design for energy efficiency and better air circulation.

The premium cedar wood construction in this sauna is a sign of durability and strength.

Apart from the overall construction, the heaters, rocks, bucket, ladle, and all add-ons have a premium built.

It might take more than an hour to heat up but can rise to a higher and stable temperature limit. 

It would have been a much better deal, had the sauna been backed by a warranty of any sort.


✓ Premium built
✓ Includes extra


✗ A little pricey
✗ Difficult to assemble for a layman

3. Sunray Cayenne Outdoor Sauna (4-Person)

Cabin sauna made of natural canadian hemlock wood

It has a lot in common with the Western Pacific Outdoor Sauna we discussed above.

Both are equipped with ceramic heaters to stimulate sweating. They have Canadian hemlock wood construction in common.

However, sunray cayenne is more elegant in style.  

In key advantages over other saunas, this one has groove and tongue construction for better insulation.

It also contributes to the overall strength of the sauna as all the parts are tightly interlocked. 

The company has embellished it with reading lamps, a sound system, and an intuitive control panel.

To keep users on the safe side, Sunray has backed it with a long-term warranty

Sunray 4-person sauna meets the safety and performance standards of the US and Canadian authorities. 


✓ 7-year structural warranty
✓ Canadian Hemlock wood
✓ Resilient and durable tongue and groove construction


✗ There should have been external lights

4. Aleko Finnish White Pine Sauna (5 Person)

Barrel sauna made of white pine wood

This outdoor sauna has a unique design as it has benches outside the main structure. The overall structure resembles a barrel. 

To keep the price low, the manufacturing company has opted for the pine wood.

Though it is not as strong or durable as cedarwood or hemlock can be, it would last for considerable seasons if not subjected to extreme weather.

The sauna comes with a .5 kW ETL-approved sauna heater, which can be controlled with a touch-screen panel.

Apart from the heater, you will get volcanic stones, a bucket, and a dipper.

At max. It can support up to 5 adults at a time. The spacious interior allows for the family and friends to sweat out together. 

As far as the assembly of the sauna is concerned, you will have to hire a professional to do so. 

The sauna is awarded both CE and ETL certification: it is approved by both the American and European authorities for safety, performance, and environmental protection standards.


✓ 5 person capacity
✓ CE and ETL certified
✓ Max capacity heater
✓ Dry & wet compatible


✗ Requires a professional to assemble

Quick Note: Most of the saunas here can accommodate 4 to 6 people. If you are looking for smaller, more intimate saunas, take a look at our guide on the best 2 person infrared sauna.

5. Decorate With Daria Outdoor Sauna (4 Person)

Shingle roofed home shaped outdoor sauna made of hemlock wood

It is an affordable sauna with features that match, if not surpass, the premium ones.

With 4-person maximum capacity, it offers plenty of room for a small family to share a sauna bath. 

It is an infrared sauna which endows it certain advantages: it takes less time to heat up, the sweating occurs at low temperature, and the operational cost is relatively low.

To operate the sauna, there is a dedicated panel.

There are several extras like AM and FM sound systems, and color therapy lights.

To keep the price low, the company has made it out of hemlock.

There will be no aroma or red hue inside, but the sauna will last for a considerable period.


✓ Affordable price
✓ Easy to operate and cost-effective
✓ Include extras


✗ Problematic control panel

6. SDI Outdoor Sauna (4+ Person)

Barrel shaped sauna for backyard made of Canadian pine wood

The best thing about this sauna is that it can provide both wet and dry sauna sessions, and will be delivered incredibly fast.

Plus it can be used both indoor and outdoor depending upon space availability.

SDI has equipped this sauna with multiple extras: there is MP3/Auxiliary Audio input with a stereo system that can be controlled with remote control, there is an ionizer to purify the air and chromotherapy lighting to stimulate relaxation effect

One of the most striking features is its heavy-duty heater that takes almost half as much time as a regular heater.

On the downside, it will consume more energy to maintain the same temperature. 

On the selection of construction material, SDI has disappointed its users.

The pinewood can never be a match for hemlock or cedar.

You will have to take extra care of it, as it is essentially not built to withstand a high degree of abuse.

The company backed it with a limited warranty. For user’s convenience, it promises to deliver it as soon as possible. 


✓ Can be used both outdoors and indoors
✓ Extra fast delivery
✓ Powerful heater
✓ Backed by warranty


✗ High operational cost

7. Finlandia Outdoor Sauna (2+ Person)

Sauna with skylight roof for two person or more

Finlandia outdoor saunas can accommodate more than two persons at a time. 

The feature that makes it an outdoor sauna is the skylight roof which is constructed out of the bronze frame and triple acrylic layers.

You can have a clear view of the sky while taking a sauna bath.

The interior and exterior of the sauna are featuring a cedarwood, which as we discussed in the previous review is a symbol of durability and strength.

All the parts are pre-assembled so it takes little to no effort to assemble it, given you have the right tools.

A powerful heater along with additional accessories are included in the package. You will get a bucket, linen, and a thermometer as extras


✓ Skylight roof with a bronze frame
✓ Easy to assemble (pre-built parts)
✓ Premium cedar wood construction
✓ FLB Finlandia Sauna heater


✗ No warranty

8. Western Pacific Outdoor Sauna (4 Person)

Sauna with shingle roof made of hemlock wood

With the accommodation space for 3-4 people, this outdoor sauna relies on infrared technology to heat the body. 

To begin with, it comes with ceramic far heaters that are strategically located for an even distribution of heat.

The ceramic is a fragile material and may add to the maintenance cost of the sauna. 

The overall frame is made out of hemlock, which though high strength, is a vulnerable material in extreme weather conditions: heavy rain or snow. 

As far as the assembly of the sauna is concerned, it takes a lot of effort to put it together.

For a single person, given he has the expertise, it might take 8-9 hours to assemble it from scratch. 

Finally, it has several extras to cater to the needs of users. To name a few, it includes chromotherapy LED lights, reading lamps, and ozone generators.


✓ The ceramic infrared heater heats up fast
✓ Include extras
✓ Backed by a limited warranty


✗ Difficult to assemble
✗ High maintenance cost

9. RGX Outdoor Sauna (6 Person)

Barrel shaped sauna made of hemlock wood

This outdoor sauna has a barrel-like design and it can accommodate 4-6 persons at a time.

To elevate the sauna from the ground, there are 70’’ support cradles, four in number arranged side by side. 

Being a traditional sauna it relies on convection to heat the body.

Finland made Harvia Vega electric sauna heater, heater stones, and the wiring kit are included in the deal.

Though not energy efficient as compared to the infrared sauna, it can reach higher and stable temperatures without any radiation effect on the body.

However, it may take some time to heat up.

Add-on includes an anti-explosive lamp, 1 set of sauna bucket and ladle, 1 Pcs thermometer, and 2 outside benches.

The assembly is quite difficult despite a detailed instructional manual.


✓ Zero radiation effect
✓ Affordable price
✓ Several Add-ons


✗ Takes an expert to assemble the sauna
✗ No warranty of any sort

10. Allwood Barrel Sauna (6 Person)

Barrel shaped sauna

Allwood Barrel Sauna as the name suggests has barrel-like design and robust construction.

The definite advantage with a rounded sauna is the energy efficiency, as it has to cover relatively less space than a cornered design.

Also, such saunas allow for proper circulation of air

To elevate the sauna from the ground, two cradles are included in the package.

Also included are the roof shingles to add to the durability of the sauna.

At max, it can accommodate 6-person sitting and 2-person lying down. 

It is a traditional sauna with wood-fired heaters as the heat source.

The wood-fired heaters design is closest to the original finish sauna design, but it adds to the operational cost.

Also, you will have to wait longer for the sauna to be ready for a bathing session.


✓ Can accommodate six adults
✓ Extras included


✗ High operational cost

Final Thoughts

We believe that the products on our list would save you time and energy while buying the best outdoor sauna online. 

If the products failed to impress you, the buying guide included in the article will help you narrow down your search and make an informed decision.

We hope you find the best outdoor sauna that fits your needs. 

After that, we recommend indulging a bit further and buying some sauna accessories to enhance your overall sauna experience.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below. Happy to answer all your queries.

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