10 Best Outdoor Saunas in 2020 (Plus Buying Guide)

Best outdoor saunas: Earlier sauna is considered a luxury buy and it is confined to use only in Gyms, resorts, and spas. But now you can set a sauna right at your home.

Saunas are known to be able to get rid of toxins from your body through sweat, and they can also help you to get clear skin. Added to this are other advantages such as relaxing muscles, relieving joint pain, relieving stress and enhancing your circulation.

But using sauna once or twice in a month won’t reap all the actual benefits of it, it needs to be used regularly and often and now with the sedentary and busy lifestyle, we seldom go for a spa or sauna sessions. Thus, having a sauna at home has become a must-have for a healthy living.

Table of Content –
1. Almost Heaven Sauna
2. Finlandia Outdoor Sauna
3. Cayenne 4 Person Outdoor Sauna
4. RGX Traditional Hemlock Wooden Barrel Sauna
5. BZBCabins Oval Sauna
6. Western Pacific Weather Resistant Outdoor Sauna
7. Cedro Outdoor Sauna
8. Allwood Barrel sauna (Model 160)
9. Aleko Rustic Red Cedar Sauna
10. Medical Breakthrough Outdoor Sauna

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Saunas? – Buying Guide

Generally buying decisions are confusing and tend to be more confusing when you have wider variants and choices to consider. The ultimate motto of the purchase and the available resources should be kept in mind before making a buying decision to make sure that you first consider the type of sauna. Outdoor sauna is easy to install and maintain and are less pricey compared to indoor saunas.

Next comes is deciding the size of the sauna and it can be decided considering the available space and the number of people will be using it. Having a big sauna gives a luxury feel yet if you don’t have enough space it might look congested.

i. What Type of Heater You Need

The heat source for sauna is a top priority checklist, sauna heating options vary from product to product, make sure to have a check on it which is comfortable for the set up at home and the sources of heat might be carbon heaters or electric sauna heaters or outdoor infrared sauna heaters else natural gas as it is most commonly used. If you are looking for different types of heaters, you’ll find this article helpful – Best Sauna Heaters.

ii. Design of the Sauna

Consider the design based on the available spacing, a sauna your friend bought may not be apt for you. So go on your personal choices.

iii. Roofing of the Sauna

Consider looking for an outdoor sauna with roof. Good roofing provides heat protection and insulation. Never take it for granted or overlook the quality when it comes to the roof and wood type. High-quality sauna wood is a must.

iv. Setup Process

Ease of setup is something one should look for while buying an outdoor sauna. If the installation requires a tedious process and the efforts would go in vain and the outdoor sauna might not function as it is intended to.

v. Operation Cost

Operation cost should be nominal as it is not a one-time cost but a recurring cost and we use the sauna frequently to get pampered and relaxed. Don’t miss to check the warranty and technical assistance provided by the manufacturer. Few manufacturers provide lifetime technical support.

vi. Added Features

Add on features and that extra layer of comfort provided is something the users would love about having a sauna. It might be a simple inbuilt premium speaker, radio connection or one might love sipping coffee or tea while getting pampered and de-stressed. At times a simple cup holder might do all the magic for coffee lovers.

Digital control features, proper air circulation, and rotation of fresh air, clothes hanger, magazine holder for book lovers who love to read. Lastly, a backrest wherein one relax with comfort also features you can look for.

Adding to it, we have portable and permanent outdoor saunas as well. Decide if you want a permanent outdoor sauna or a temporary fix. If you own a house and if you are sure of staying there without any relocation I suggest permanent outdoor saunas are the best.

However, there is a wide range of outdoor saunas available in the markets. Each one has its own pros and cons. Have a look and choose the best that suits your lifestyle and relish spa experience and detoxify at the comfort of your home and make sure that your purchase is worth buying.

In the next section, we have listed down our choice of outdoor saunas and if any one of the sauna’s catches your attention, click on Check Price on Amazon to buy the unit. If you like the sauna, you can go ahead and buy from Amazon.

10 Top Rated Outdoor Saunas the Best Sauna Experience

#1. Almost Heaven Sauna

Make your sauna bathing experience the best with this amazing outdoor sauna from almost heaven. This sauna serves multiple purposes. Yes, one can spend quality time with family while you get relieved from pain and stress with this awesome sauna. You will fall in love with this sauna in no time and ideal for a family of 4.  This is one of the most preferred outdoor saunas for home due to its easy and convenient operation and uses with a rigid surface which is good to use irrespective of the weather conditions.

best outdoor sauna


It comes with this beautiful barred shaped design which is made up of rustic red cedar wood and for outdoor sauna’s rustic cedar is the best for durability and longevity of the product. The heats, rocks, bucket, ladle, and everything is so perfectly made such that buyers enjoy their time spent in this sauna.

Never compromise on performance as it comes first in the checklist; the Princeton sauna reaches 150 ° F in 30 minutes and 190-195 ° F in less than an hour. However, it is designed to have some cozy and private time with your loved ones with the opposite faced facing spacious cabins.


  • Super classy look and great design both inside and outside.
  • Works effectively and the product is less prone to any performance issues or repairs.
  • While we frequently get to hear regarding the poor insulation of sauna this provides better insulation.
  • It helps in improving skin tone, lose body weight and as a pain reliever for body pains.


  • Slightly pricey.
  • Difficult to assemble for a layman.
  • Very few users reported on the Thermo heating system after using it for a few years.

#2. Best Outdoor Saunas: Finlandia Outdoor Sauna

For all those who dream to have a sauna at home, this is the best choice. The interior is smoothly sanded to keep the natural wood impact while allowing the surface to feel softer to the touch Western Red Cedar Interior/Exterior is used in its construction.

Finlandia Outdoor sauna


While using sauna safety also needs to be taken into consideration while using it for long hours. Hence this product is safety tested for the electromagnetic force. The infrared wavelength also works flawlessly with this product.

Above all, the great ambiance is something one would fall for and the interior lighting and the design would uplift the mood with the soothing spa feel. If you count only on the experience and no budget constraints and not worried about spending a little more money to get the best sauna that lasts forever then this is the best sauna one would love having it at home.


  • Very much easy installation with already preinstalled benches with the backrest
  • Good design and interiors with beautiful sauna stones
  • Good circulation of air and allows fresh air with adjustable air vents and easy controls for heat and temperature.
  • As we tend to sweat and release toxins from our bodies, it is important to have a mechanism to purify the air and remove odor from the sauna hence it has oxygen ionizer to eliminate bad odors.


  • Highly-priced compared to other saunas with the same features.
  • The ceramic infrared heating system is used over an electric heating system.
  • Few users of this sauna reported on the heading time that it takes more time to heat up.

#3. Cayenne 4 Person Outdoor Sauna

This sauna is my personal favorite and it is definitely for someone who is looking for a sauna at a nominal price for the home. Stress, detoxify, lose weight, body pains what not it servers all your needs and work effectively. You would definitely love having this sauna at home.

top outdoor saunas


Natural Canadian Hemlock Wood is used in the construction of this sauna with 8 ceramic heaters and 2100 watts power.

This is a sauna that can be comfortably used by 4 people at once and you will have the best sauna experience ever. Name a feature and you have it in this sauna the easy to operate LCD control panel, Recessed exterior lighting, FM radio w/CD player & MP3, Oxygen Ionizer, Reading Lamp, Cup Holder. Yes, it has all those accessories included in this sauna.

Do you want to read your book while relaxing in this sauna, do you want to have a sip of coffee not listen to your favorite music or FM station while you get pampered. Yes, you can do all at once while you relax in the sauna.

Additionally, it also has a moveable backrest to adjust the position as per your comfort. Sleep and relax in a position you are comfortable in.

Needless to put, this sauna works to perfection in the intended areas it is supposed to function.


  • Very much comfortable for 4 persons as described.
  • One would love the additional add on features like a reading lamp and cup holder.
  • Budgeted price and the best value for money.


  • Takes little more time to heat up.
  • Poor technical support.
  • Each product has its own flaws likewise few used did not like the exterior design of the sauna.

#4. RGX Traditional Hemlock Wooden Barrel Sauna

This is one of the best traditional outdoor saunas with no radiation effect. This is made of Canadian Western Hemlock with a very thick size for the longevity of the product in the long run and this product can be used for ages without any damage.

best outdoor saunas


It requires a quick and easy assembling of few parts else it is semi-assembled and the rest can be done easily at home. When you shop for this product the package includes 1) 4.5KW Havia sauna heater 2) 1 box of sauna stones 3) 1 set of sauna bucket and ladle anti-explosive lamp 4) 1 Pcs thermometer: 1 set of Sand-timer.

Why would anyone buy a sauna? It is to get relaxed when you are stressed, lose bodyweight, control blood pressure and body pains. It serves all your desired needs. By the way, it also comes with 2 outside benches to sit and enjoy the outside weather or cool off your body for a while when it is heated up.

Additionally, the stainless steel fragrance bowl helps in maintaining a good odor and 70” support cradles helps in elevating the design and to make sure that the sauna is rigid with a proper base.


  • Good circulation of air through air vents.
  • No radiation effect on the user.
  • Affordable price.
  • Outside 2 benches are add-on features.


  • No option for experts assembling the product.
  • Frequent unavailability of the market in the product.
  • Not at par with the additional accessories that are included with other saunas in the market.

#5. Best Outdoor Saunas: BZBCabins Oval Sauna

This is one unique design sauna compared to other saunas in the market. Before discussing its features and performance let me tell that this sauna definitely enhances the ambiance of your home. It is more spacious and has more headroom for the users. Yes, 6-7 adults can use this sauna at once. Have a lengthy conversation, discuss over a topic while you get healed or relieved from pain and discomfort from this awesome sauna. 2 level heating system and take the seating position as per your comfort.

BZBCabins Oval sauna


Choose 2nd level seating if you need higher temperature and you can occupy the 1st level of seating if you need a lower temperature. Operation procedure and control are very easy even for a layman to understand.

Additionally, you have the customization options for the door and you need to contact the customer service and confirm it after purchase.

You get the complete setup on purchase and no additional investment is required. It comes with benches, windows, and doors. Additionally, when you are completely sweated or want to quickly change your clothes if it has a changing room too, an effective heating system with Nordic Spruce walls having a thickness of 1-5/8-inches.


  • This is definitely a must-buy for bigger families as most of the sauna’s capacities are 3-5 only.
  • The wood-burning heater is provided with this sauna.
  • Customization options.
  • Temperature control settings.


  • It is confined only for bigger families due to its size and user capacity.
  • No personal technician visit option for assembling and more time to do it by yourself.

#6. Western Pacific Weather Resistant Outdoor Sauna

Outdoor saunas are meant to withstand any type of weather and this sauna nails it. This is a 3 – 4 seating capacity and spacious sauna. It comes with a weather resistance sealer glass door and windows to make it withstand from outside temperatures and lighting.

High-quality materials like waterproofed hemlock wood construction are used in its construction hence it is less prone to any manufacturing defects or problems. One can also listen to their favorite choice of music as it comes with an inbuilt MP3 and can connect through auxiliary input for the iPod and iPhone.

top outdoor saunas


The chromo-therapy effect is what users love about this sauna it heals and soothes so quickly. Additionally, digital control panel is easy to operate.  Many users would love to read a book while during their idle time when getting relaxed and this sauna has reading LED light to read your favorite book.

Above all, every safety measure is followed in the manufacturing of this sauna yet users would love products with warranty and this product comes with a 10 Year Limited Warranty Period. That is 10 years on the structure of the sauna and 5 years on the heaters, and 3 years on the electronics. One more reason added to consider buying this sauna.


  • Amazing rigid structure and body.
  • This is definitely a budget buy with all the required features.
  • Easy to operate and use.
  • The customer service for this product is good. They provide quick support for any technical queries.


  • Few users reported issues with the control panel.
  • The ventilation system of the sauna.
  • Having a few customization options as per the user choices would help.

#7. Best Outdoor Saunas: Cedro Outdoor Sauna

The outdoor sauna from ‘The sauna Place’ is for someone who has less place at home outside and wishes to have an outdoor sauna. This sauna serves the purpose and works to finest and helps to de-stress and relax. The sauna is semi installed and requires very little time to install it and additionally it is a quick process to disassemble and assemble when required.

It is crafted with ‘Red Cedar’ and looks heavy and strong output. The look of the sauna is quite appealing.

top outdoor saunas


This sauna also comes with customization options. You customize the heater option as per your choice. It has the finest quality walls and doors to protect the heat and temperature settings for longer durations. It also has vapor proof lighting. Additionally, it has an adjustable roof vents to bring in outside air for proper air circulation and Electronic oxygen ionizer helps to purify the air as it is very much essential to get pure air for keeping it clean so while using you feel fresh.

Above all, the interiors of the sauna are comfortable and spacious such that one can relax and relieve stress with this sauna. Any small families who have different choices and customizations can definitely go for this amazing sauna from Cedro. No looking back once you buy the product! 100 percent satisfied user experience is guaranteed with this sauna.


  • Easy assembling and disassembling process to dismantle and save the place the sauna when it is not required.
  • The rigid and huge strong output of the sauna.
  • Requires less maintenance.


  • The delivery process may take time.

#8. Allwood Barrel sauna (Model 160)

Again this sauna is one of my favorites. These barrel shaped saunas are the best for sauna to reduce energy costs and to have great air circulation and the heater warms up quickly too.

If you wish to have the complete and ultimate sauna experience to a small family I really recommend you to go for this product. I will tell you why? Because the price is really economical for the features and the benefits one can get from this sauna.

best outdoor saunas


It comes to be a thick frame and front and back walls made from 1-5/8″ (42 mm) slow grown Nordic Spruce which is naturally heat resistant and U.S. made FLB 30 3.0 kW electric sauna heater and sauna stones are  included.

Additional we all know how important it is for a sauna to have separate intake/outflow air vents hence this sauna comes with vents to eliminate the bad odor of the sauna and to keep it fresh. Additionally compared to all other sauna in this price range the lifespan of the product is high and fewer technical complaints are registered to date.


  • Budgeted and worth buying this sauna.
  • High quality and natural heat resistant wood is used in manufacturing this sauna.
  • It comes with roof Shingles hence irrespective of extreme hot and cold temperature this sauna works with perfection.
  • As this is a wood burning sauna and this eliminates you up in terms of simplicity of construction and operating costs that as involved for electric sauna.


  • No changing room.
  • Assembling is a bit tedious process.
  • Can be used only in sitting position mostly.
  • Comfortable for only 2 and not 3 as per the product description.

#9. Aleko Rustic Red Cedar Sauna

This sauna is a personal choice for many users because of its beautiful design. The sauna can be used by 5 persons and can be used both indoors and outdoors as per personal choices. This is made of thick Red Cedar in a rustic and a modern design partially assembled construction with built-in vent holes for air circulation.

Aleko Rustic Red Cedar


The assembling of this product is quite simple as it is already semi-assembled and with a user manual, it can be assembled. Additionally, the touch screen control panel is very easy to operate and this is a multipurpose sauna that can be used as a wet and dry sauna as well. Everything you require to assemble to product is included in this sauna kit.

An outdoor sit out is definitely an added beauty to this sauna. After this sauna experience if you want to breathe some fresh air two small benches are provided outside to cool down. If you prefer using this as an outdoor sauna you need to additional order for a shingle roof to protect the sauna from weather conditions. Overall this sauna is a complete value for the money you invest in it.


  • Simple easy and installation procedure.
  • Can be used wet and dry sauna as per user requirement.
  • Great and quick customer service for any issues or concerns raised by the buyers and users.
  • Affordable to buy and definitely good to include as one of the top considerations when you decide to buy a sauna.


  • Delayed in delivering the sauna and limited information regarding the warranty details of the product.
  • Need to shop and spend little extra bugs if you want to buy a shingle roof.
  • This is most comfortable for a sitting position only.

#10. Medical Breakthrough Outdoor Sauna

I decided to speak about this sauna in the last. Yes, we most commonly hear different opinions on using a sauna. Hence this sauna is designed by 25 doctors with different specializations. The design is so beautifully crafted and it has multiple features in it. Chromatic therapy, premium speakers and the best heating technology are used.

Additionally, you can also use it to do yoga. Wondering how? Yes, it comes with the removable benches which can be folded when not in use and it is comfortable and spacious enough to do your favorite yoga poses too. On the other hand, not to worry about your electricity bill while using this sauna it adds a negligible amount to your current electricity bill.

Best Outdoor Saunas


7 full-spectrum heater help is installed everywhere required; hence it gives you an amazing sauna experience. The quick heating system and the 3d heat therapy are the additional features of the products and best in class performance and less maintenance above all, it is doctor prescribed sauna. So, Without a second thought, you can go for this Amazing luxury sauna.


  • Large enough to relax and stretch your body and overall best sauna experience ever.
  • Backrests included keeping the body in a convenient position.
  • You can transform your sauna to a yoga room quickly.
  • Save your utility bills.


  • An option to get it assembled by an expert yet it is expensive.
  • As sauna comes with a glass door design should be handled with care.

Best Outdoor Saunas: Final Words

All this while if you are apprehensive about choosing the best outdoor sauna and are really not sure how to select the one and which one suits your needs then I am sure the list above helps you in choosing the right sauna as per your requirement. Make a wise investment and choose the best sauna as per your requirement.

Happy Shopping! Enjoy the best sauna experience ever!

Feature image by: Evelyn Harrison

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